Stitch is an online contemporary lifestyle photography platform.

As the name applies, this platform stitches photography related items randomly together. By gathering the work of different, talented people, Stitch is a place on the World Wide Web where photographers, as well as other creative centipedes, can show what they’re capable of.

No traditional fashion, lifestyle or art magazine, but a mixture of young, fresh and open-minded contemporary photography. Have your own vision, make up your own stories, be curious, seek new experiences, put yourself out there. And give us a chance to see your work!


We are currently only accepting photography submissions.

When submitting your work, please send a selection of max. 15 images of one particular photo-story and your name and data. Image requirements: High resolution images, 2000px (longest side), JPEG – Upload your files here.

We will get back to you ASAP!


Legal - terms and conditions
By submitting you agree to allow Stitch to publish your work. You grant us permission to use your work in any of our publications, websites, marketing material, advertisements, videos and any other mediums or formats used in the creation, dissemination, and minimization of Stitch content. You will, of course, always be credited in every publication by Stitch and stay the sole owner of your work, which will not be sold to third parties.



Hi there, curious people! I’m Ana, and I’ve moved from the very south of Spain to Belgium to be the new editor in chief of this platform we call Stitch. As you can imagine, for me the change is very fresh, but what is fresher is the intention of Stitch to feed your brains and hearts!

About me, I have a BA in Advertising and Public Relations, along with a Master in Professional Photography and Studio Lighting. As long as I remember, I’ve always had this big interest in this very pure art, and I hope I can show you the vision of the artists that come and join Stitch. Because, through my journey in this project, I want you to learn with me from all the creative inspiring people we are searching out there in this big world.

Let’s be inspired together!
Let’s grow with Stitch! Let’s make Stitch grow!

- Ana



Hello! Ten months after the launch of this fresh photography platform, we reached the third fase on terms of editing. 

I’d like to introduce myself as the editor in chief of Stitch. I am extremely curious and passionate about life, beautiful things and creativity. That’s why I’m so lucky to have the opportunity to give some of the most talented, contemporary photographers, models as well as other creative centipedes, a place in the spotlights.

I am a professional fashion and graphic designer and have a master degree in visual arts. I love the entire process, from concept, creating and seeing the final piece. I love working with others to make projects that are unique and memorable. Stitch is a perfect blend for all of this!

Come and submerge in this wonderful, fresh, artistic environment that we call Stitch! 

- Nicky



I'm Carla, I was born and raised in Valencia, Spain and I’m Stitch’s newcomer editor. I’m full of excitement to be able to participate in such a project, and grateful for the opportunity to leave a little piece of me in the process of building Stitch and taking it to the next level.

Here’s a little introduction of who I am… I have a BA in Advertising and P.R. I’m a creative person with a love for visual arts (of course photography) and traveling, and if they both come together, that’s even better!

For the next months I will be taking over Stitch. I will do my best to make it grow and reinforce the base of this great project. For me it’s a great opportunity, both professional and personal.

Enjoy your ride!

- Carla



¡Hola! I’m Bettina from Spain, and at the moment, I'm Stitch's editor in chief.

And you will probably be wondering why am I saying ‘at the moment’… Well, because Stitch is a beautiful project that was born from the occasion of my internship at Farmboy and that will continue with the future interns, that every six months will go through here and hold this place. And this is the characteristic that, among others, makes this project so special. Stitch’s essence will endure, since the essence is the permanent identity of something, what is invisible for the eyes and what you can only see well with your heart; but just as Stitch is what it is because of the miscellany union of its artists, it is also because of the different touches that each and every one of its interns will leave. Those persons who will break their backs during six months and that will enrich Stitch in a way or another.

For me this is a project full of feelings and emotions: full of excitement, love, happiness, although also a bit of fears and uncertainty. Let’s say that I am like a first-time mum, so it is normal to feel all this, right? But what is certain, is that I am enjoying and learning a lot from the journey, which in the end, I think it is almost more important than the goal.

I wish from the heart that you enjoy it as much as I have done.

Without further ado, a big kiss and the best vibes,

- Bettina


Are you a photography lover? A passionate writer? Both? Whatever the case may be, if you are curious about how our platform works and if you think you have what it takes to be part of Stitch, think no further!

We want to know more about you and how you can contribute and determine Stitch’s direction. So don’t hesitate to send your CV & cover letter to internship@wecallitstitch.com.

Who knows, maybe you will be next?



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