Underlook - Andrius Burba


Andrius Burba started to explore the different ways to photograph animals to surprise his public, bringing us Underlook, a collection of animals from underneath (Under-Cats + Under-Dogs + Under-Horse + Under-Rabbit) that has now its own brand with clothes and books. 

Next fierce step? Who knows which animals Burba is capable to portrait!



Why were you interested in taking portraits of animals in a different way? 

I had this idea for a while after I saw similar picture of a cat photographed on a glass table. I fell in love with the way of how silly that cat looked. Then I realized I can show that different angle of animals just in professional way.


How did you choose your models and why? 

I had a difficult time to realize where to get so many cats in one place. But then, I was just about to visit International Cat Show in Vilnius and this is when the idea of shooting cats from underneath returned back to me. My choice of models was to photograph as many different cat breeds as I could. At that time I didn’t have any special requirements because every cat not only has a different appearance but also very unique character which made pictures look different and interesting.


Which was your favorite moment about developing Underlook?

Most interesting is to see, how people are being surprised when they see animal photos from underneath. I love it, when people love my art.  


When did you decide evolving Underlook into a brand? 

When I realized that I’ve already created a project with cats, dogs and rabbits, and I decided to make one brand to all of them, including the under-horse project - Underlook.


How did you start in photography? Do you any tip for beginners?

I started with photography 10 years ago, I wanted to try everything and tried to always do whatever I’m happy about and interesting in.

For beginners I could say, be creative, don’t be scared to try stupid things, the second time will not be success, the third one will be success. Also, work in high quality - try to learn how to work in high quality. There is so many photographers that don’t care about quality and working in this business as a ‘photographer’. Quality is everything.


Do you have new Under-Animals in mind for the future?

Yes, I do. First upcoming project I have in mind is “Under-big-cats” (tigers) which little by little I have already began to organize. In fact I also just recently had an idea to shoot wild elephants. It would be a huge but also a very interesting project which I hope to make in 2018.

Until then I will try to get the all the support and financing needed for this crazily big project. But I am sure everything is possible if you don’t give up and move forward.

Also few days ago, I got an idea to make one more under-horse photoshoot and release another book.


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