The Unsent Project - Röra Blue

We talk with Röra Blue, 19 years old based in California, with a passion for fashion and art, about the project she started on social media: The Unsent Project. Röra asked people to think about their first loves, and send her their names along with something they would say to them, and the color they think that represents this first love story. 

Transforming it into text message format, she is doing, and updating everyday, a collage of thoughts of people from all over the world that remain anonymous, representing this unsaid things everybody have inside and the many colors love can have.


Why did you started The Unsent Project?

I started the project as a way for people to connect with each other. I feel like this is a concept that many people can relate to and I wanted to find a way to artistically represent love. 


Which message has shock you the most?

A message that haunts me reads "I'm sorry I got behind the wheel drunk. I'm even more sorry that you were in the passenger seat. I miss you everyday." In the color red.


Does it have the popularity you were expecting?

I definitely was not expecting my project to get this popular! I feel very grateful that I have gotten the chance to connect with so many people.


What do you think about the colors people have choose for the messages? Have you reached any conclusion?

I have reached the conclusion that every single person views love in a different way. I love that people submit so many different colors! I want to make large single color collages so that I can compare the messages and try to find a common theme within colors. 


What tip would you give to people thinking on making a project with social media?

Choose a concept that you are very passionate about. Don't take it too seriously, and have fun!


Do you have any similar projects upcoming?

Yes! I have two new projects. Cutting ties and My Ex's Shit. Feel free to participate in either one!!


What have you learned from this experience?

I have learned that this world is interconnected through love and common experience. I have learned that I am never alone, there is always someone else who is going through the same thing as you. 


Photography: Röra Blue  |  Website  |  Twitter  |  Instagram