The Project- Sander Dekker

Guess who’s back? We made acquaintance with Sander Dekker before through his series ‘Magical moments’ which has been showcased at Stitch’s very first exposition during the inaugural edition of “OFFF By Night” in Antwerp.

With his crazy-crazier-craziest and almost realistic-looking photography style, he knows how to catch his models on camera but also our attention ...

“When Yuliya opened the door, she appeared a bit shy and giggly, but I soon found out this was only because she doesn’t speak English very well. For that reason, I couldn’t do much more than to follow her around her house and observe her. Her muscular body showed that Yuliya was very sporty, which she knew how to use while being photographed. She energetically moved around the house and showed more sides of her character.”

“It was clear she's a little rascal. She went to the kitchen to grab a drink and showered me with soda. After that, she gave me a wonderfully naughty look, like a kid who isn’t quite sure if she got in trouble.”

“When she later grabbed a fire distinguisher, I recognized that same look in her eyes and braced myself. When the powder filled the room, I was too late to take a shot, but we laughed hard and bonded even more. “

- Sander Dekker

‘The Project’ is an ongoing series of portraits created by Sander Dekker from 2011 onwards. His subjects are never his friends or acquaintances, but people he finds on social media. He chooses people he admires as his subjects: outgoing, spontaneous, and always a bit eccentric. He contacts them to ask if he can photograph them at home, then books a ticket and gets on the plane. Raging through their house together, Dekker captures the high energy of that first encounter. A shoot usually last for an hour or so, before he’s off to his next visit. Meeting his models just before the session and working without a preconceived concept, creates the spontaneity that is distinctive of Dekker’s work. It results in great compositions and surprising crops that reflect the freedom and expressiveness of the people in front of his camera. When trying to capture their personalities, it’s almost as if Dekker hopes that these qualities will rub off on him. Yet after all these years, he prefers to stay behind the camera, where he can admire their eccentric beauty and pay tribute to them through his pictures.










PHOTOGRAPHER: Sander Dekker | Website | Facebook | Instagram | Tumblr

MODEL: Yuliya | Instagram