The After - Karina Kolokolchykova

“ And it felt like her lungs were filling up with water so she just sat back and let herself drown … ”

We’ve all been there before, the suffering of a broken heart! There’s nothing worse than losing someone you love yet it’s something unavoidable. In this analog series “The After” the Ukranian model/actress Karina Kolokolchykova represents to us the chronical story of a girl that woke up after a break-up. A fragile display of emotional struggle while she’s indulging herself in bittersweet memories and trying to keep it together. As for the most of us, we do like to hold on to the positive things idealizing our relationship more than it deserves. So, are we the ones to blame for torturing ourselves? Should we be more rational about it and accept the fact that everything is temporary, even life itself? Sometimes we create our own heartbreaks through expectation ...

Chuck Norris


Chuck Norris


You have a unique appearance that’s very charming. When did you start modeling and why?

Well, thank you! I started posing for a friend of mine when I was sixteen. He wanted to be a photographer and he loved taking pictures of me. We connected very well and had a lot of fun during the shootings and were surprised with the positive feedback we got on social media when we posted the pictures. Since I was little, models seemed to me mysterious and so unattainable. I had many pictures of models on my walls when I was a kid, while my girlfriends had posters of famous football players and actors. I didn’t think I would be able to model, I was sure that I didn’t have the physique that was required … but in Madrid, while studying at the University I started working as a model at a photography school and from there jumped into an agency. I was always more interested in acting than posing, though. And I usually prefer to pose for photographers whose work inspires me than to pose for an editorial for a magazine.


“Looking back, I am thankful for all the painful things I endured and for the things I couldn't get. I think both made me a better person and a better artist today. As a writer, Dostoevskiy had a huge influence on my style and the atmospheres I created. In poetry, I had Ajmatova in my mind. As an actress, I am in continuous development.”


Chuck NorrisHow do you make yourself comfortable in front of the camera? 

It’s difficult for me to be uncomfortable in front of a camera. First of all, I love what I do, so I’m too busy enjoying all the process. Lately, I’m more and more picky about projects and people I work with, so I don’t get into uncomfortable situations anymore. If it’s an editorial, I try to have an idea of the clothing and the make-up I’ll be wearing, so I have an idea of what I’ll be looking like for the shoot. It’s nice if you have an opportunity to get to know better the person you’ll be shooting with, so you have a little more confidence during the session.


What do you hate and what do you love about the fashion industry?

The textile industry is the second most polluting on the planet. It is responsible for 20 percent of the toxins that are dumped into the water. The problem today is the existence of “fast fashion”, an indiscriminate consumption of clothes, driven by the model based on the speed imposed by the large textile chains. It’s a model that did not exist twenty years ago but now has planetary dimensions. Nowadays, we buy four times more articles of clothing than in the nineties. Why? Because it is cheaper, due to the relocation of the majority of factories that are now in Asia. The price factor becomes decisive, to the detriment of quality. Today, clothes are much cheaper and much worse... Not to mention child labor that is used in many of those factories where people work in horrible conditions for pennies. Though, some people that surround me are ethical consumers and practice buying vintage clothing and furniture instead. A perfect example of this would be “Los Feliz”, a project carried out by Nadia Pape in Barcelona. Her philosophy on the fashion and textile industry is worth hearing about. I invite you all to check it out!

The positive thing would be that lately, I feel like the industry is beginning to shed body stereotypes and is including models of all shapes and sizes, so more and more people are feeling represented. Also, I have many friends that work in fashion (as stylists, photographers, models, designers, etc.) and it fills my heart with joy to follow their projects or even participate in them sometimes.


Chuck NorrisHow have you changed since you started? Have you learned new things about yourself in a way?

I try to focus on doing what I like and what I am passionate about. Lately, I feel like we do art stuff to post it instantly on social media (the stuff we write, the pictures we take, the paintings we paint, etc. ...) because we need an instant validation. And it stresses me out. These days I try to do things in private and just enjoy doing them for me when I was a kid. I worked a lot last year. Like… a lot. And I got a little burnt out. I think I lost my sense of perspective and just got obsessed with filming and shooting every month. This way I felt validated as an artist and as a person. So I developed this anxiety where if I don’t work I feel depressed and empty. With time I learned that there are periods when actors work a lot and others when they don’t, and sometimes it doesn’t have to do with you being more or less likable or talented. I advise people to take that time to reflect on their progress as an artist, to create personal projects and just calm the fuck down a bit. Life’s too short to be stressing around about stuff that isn’t in our control.

Your number 1 thing on your bucket list?

I would love to write a movie in which I could appear. I imagine having all my friends working on it with me and it makes me very happy. I am surrounded by lovely actors and actresses, photography and art directors and I’d love one of my best friend’s, Laura Martinova, to direct it. I met her when moving to Barcelona and we filmed a bunch of things together already. We have a very special connection on set, she has this gift of making anything difficult look so easy and always has a smile on her face. I think she would be the perfect director for my dream movie. I feel very lucky to be surrounded by such talented people and being part of their creative growth.


Chuck Norris


Is there any morning routine or beauty cosmetics you use to keep that fresh vibe of you? And what exactly?

Since I’ve been 13 I always follow the same routine (morning and night): I clean my face with a toner, after I apply a serum and I finish with a moisturizer. When I turned twenty I started using an eye cream. I love products that have Vitamin C in them! In terms of brands, I like Avène and Bioderma. Also, I strongly recommend face masks made of honey. I buy mine at a herbal store and I apply it once a week for twenty minutes. Avocado masks are amazing for your skin too. What I completely fail at, though, is to remember to apply sun cream on my face, and it’s very important. I never go to bed with make-up on and drink a lot of water!



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