Sensual Delicacy - Kai-Hendrik Schroeder

Young photographer Kai-Hendrik Schroeder captures women in solitude and privacy that results in sensual, soft and delicate beauty.
He is currently based in Luneburg & Hamburg, Germany but traveling the world one step at a time. He invites us into his world of sensual, soft and delicate beauty.

How would you describe your work?
The keywords to my work are simple, clean, natural and sensual. I’m always telling my models to be relaxed and pretend that they are on vacation.
My favourite subjects to shoor are definitely people. Mainly woman, as you can see in my work. I love to capture the natural beauty of woman

How do you meet your models?
Sometimes, I work with new faces of professional model agencies. But I spend most of my time looking for models on Instagram, facebook or other networks. And a lot of times, the models themselves reach out to me.

When did you first become interested in photography?
My brother was a party photographer and I borrowed his Canon 450D a few times. I really discovered my passion for photography at that time and when I was 17 I bought my own 450D.

What Camera do you use?
I’m currently using a Canon 6D. Sometimes I go analogue with my Yashica T4 or Leica Minilux. I also used to work with Sigma 35mm ART.

How do you see your work evolving in the future?
I started shooting in a more natural way since I left my studio in 2015. Natural lights are a challenge to me because I used to work with flashes from the beginning. I don’t work with make-up artists. It’s just the model, the camera and me.

What are you currently looking forward to?
I’m working hard to publish my own book.

Which models do you want to shoot?
Marisa Papen and Miss Tina Louise for sure!

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Photographer: Kai-Hendrik Schroeder   |   Website   |   Instagram