Senses - Alexan Sarikamichian & Fran De la Fuente

Do you ever think about the future? How about love? Imagine living in a world where nothing is what it seems but yet feels so real. A fantasy of seductiveness playing hand in hand with the need for affection. A place where you can visualize your sexual preferences combined with digital interaction. As you can see, this is not your average love story!

« ‘SENSES’ portrays our way of connecting with each other in a near future and opens up the possibility of thinking about love in the digital era. Will there be an emotional connection through digital mediums? Will the virtual reality technologies introduce us to new sensations? We live this almost-love story of the connection between two youngsters through encounters and missed encounters that could as well be real or a product of their imagination. Thanks to technology, we are more and more connected. We get to know each other, interact, even fall in love through digital platforms. »

In their artistic project Argentinian directors, Alexan Sarikamichian and Fran de la Fuente are taking us along in this virtual romance of lust and faded dreams about two individuals in their search for companionship. Enjoy!




Let’s have your director’s view about 'SENSES' and how did you come up with this mixture between a fashion film and a short film?

AKS: ‘SENSES’ represents for me a big bet as a director, because up to now, my previous projects have been portraying more playful and youthful scenarios, working mostly in exteriors and with natural light. In this video I wanted to step up from that and try something more complex and different, darker, playing with colors, with montage. ‘SENSES’ has a very unique and detailed cinematic work both in storytelling, cinematography and art direction.

FF: ‘SENSES’ was born like that. Like a hybrid between a fashion and a short film. I think our idea has always been to work from the fashion film as a genre: the overall feel of it, the characters, the music, the movement, everything was developed bearing that aesthetic in mind. We wanted to create a story that couldn’t be told unless it was told like this.




What triggered you to tell this story?

FF: The undeniable and endless reproduction of “feelings” that social media puts forward. Telling a love story in a virtual reality setting was the challenge we set ourselves to accomplish. We wanted to tell a story in an intense way, that’s why our visual proposal was born and developed like this.

AKS: I was looking forward to working together with Fran and insisted a lot in thinking about creative triggers. When we first came up with the storyline I knew it was going to be a big project. We knew we wanted to tell a love story but without any physical communication, thinking about the future and imagination. Two people that can connect through other senses, using technology in favor of love.



In ‘SENSES’ there is a magnificent cinematography work. Did you get deeply involved into these aspects of the film?

FF: I’m fascinated by cinematography in general. We wanted to create a very specific and accentuated look. Alex has an important past as a producer and I think that’s one of his best attributes today as a director. Throughout the whole project, we complemented each other very well, contributing from what each of us knows better and is more passionate at but also, we took a lot of risks and we achieved many of them!

AKS: We knew since the beginning of the project that the film was going to have a lot of colors and that we were going to create scenes with a very specific mood. The DOP’s of ‘SENSES’ were Sebastian Ferrari and Dani Carrizo. Since we had a lot of interior scenes we worked hard to give a specific color to each one of them. Shooting days were long since we had a lot of art and light setup.


How was SENSES financed?

AKS: ‘SENSES’ was funded by us. This time we did not count with an agency to finance the project but we trusted in our own possibilities. When we first started I knew it was going to be a crazy risk but I never doubted that eventually, we would pull it through. Working independently, I had to ask many favors, of friends and people that really supported and trusted on our plan.

FF: Exactly, the film was “financed” with the hard work of all our cast & crew, favors and help from our friends and relatives. We wanted to tell this story one way or the other, so we designed our production scheme in that way.




By which aesthetics references were you inspired?

FF: Well, our objective was to work mostly on fashion/advertising – like scenes and settings. In that sense, we were inspired by many other young directors of music videos, short films like ours, and so on. Also, for me personally, Black Mirror is beyond any doubt a clear visual and narrative inspiration.

AKS: We wanted for the characters to feel real, that’s why we had to struggle so much at the casting stage. But eventually, we achieved a very faithful result of our initial brief, leaving anything of what we dreamed of behind. From picturing the perfect locations to actually getting them and overcoming ourselves, we were always very confident in our project and our work. I was mostly inspired by fashion. I’m more attached to fashion magazines and working on that kind of aesthetics.


Which is the objective of the video and its distribution?

AKS: The video is designed for the Internet. Our goal is to achieve the highest number of online audience as possible. By combining some aspects of fashion films and cinematic fiction-storytelling, we believe in the possibility of applying to the film festivals as well.

FF: Totally. It was our first experiment working together and I think the final product is impeccable. It’s not necessary to add any words. The video is born by and on the internet and it's mostly pointed at that audience.



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