Pop Surrealism Cityscapes - Andrew Soria

«Life’s journey is about attaining the idea of wholeness and perfection. We are constantly trying to reach the top and always wanting more, however we can never achieve absolute perfection. We must accept the good with the bad; that there is no one perfect thing. The quest for happiness and the feeling of being whole relies in oneself. While we constantly try to fill the void to feel whole, we must stay clear on our paths and avoid the distractions that life throws our way. Once we realize the gifts we already have, and keep a calm clear mind, only then will we reach true "perfection".

My works represent life’s journey; the need to feel whole, the good with the bad; they are reflection of life itself.»

Andrew Soria is a Miami-based digital artist, specialized in creating digital photo composites of urban environments. After photographing the original landscapes and adding a good dose of Photoshop brilliance, he creates the most awesomely colorful scenes, and a definitely worthly trip to these cartoonish fun worlds.




What do you want to make people feel with the color and realism of your creations?

For most, the color and realism of my cityscapes reminds people of cheerful memories. People are proud of their city. I aim to represent the city in a way where people can connect and experience that feeling of nostalgia.    


How do you develop these images?

I shoot and collect a large library of images for a current idea. Then, I go to Photoshop to begin the collage process. Usually, I’ll start with the foreground image, then build my way up from there. There is no defined outcome in the process -- I let the architecture naturally form the landscape. I try to keep the angles and perspective as real as possible. When I have the layout complete, I edit the image to create the surreal look and feel. 


Your frames are usually colorful city landscapes, where’s the people and why do you prefer to focus on the urban side of these metropolis?  

I’ve always been fascinated by architecture and enjoy the feel of a desolate, almost post-apocalyptic city. It’s calm, peaceful, and tells a story. It’s difficult to experience a city without all the busyness and noise of normal day. I provide that perspective. Most of the time, people aren’t relevant to the story I want to tell. 


What do you do when you are not creating these impressive scenes?

I’m working freelance in the photography and graphic design industry, or I’m doing something outdoors. I’ve always made it a habit to surf, workout, bike, hike – anything that keeps me active and motivated.


How would you define your style?

It’s been really difficult to define my style. I used to tell people I create digital art… which is vague, and to explain what I do in detail was exhausting. I think winning “Surreal Salon 7” helped me pinpoint my style. My work primarily focuses on pop culture and surrealism; hence the term “pop surrealism,” which is how I now classify my style of art. 


Where do you find your inspiration? 

Mainly, by traveling and being outdoors. Experiencing new cultures allows you to gain perspective; understanding the way others live can help focus your own path. I’ve found these experiences to be extremely humbling and deeply inspiring. 


Which of your images is your favorite and why? 

At the moment, “Under Construction” - last one down here - is my favorite. It’s taken me the most time to create, and it’s a pretty good representation of my experience in Miami. It addresses sea level rise and over-development in Miami. It’s an issue that has been repeatedly ignored… and I’m interested to see what happens to Miami over the next decade. 


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