Nepal - Roman Königshofer

«I always wanted to go to Nepal.

I've read a lot about it and saw all those great images from the Himalayas.

So I just had to go by myself...»


Which is the most challenging part about being a travel+adventure photographer?

That it looks like a vacation from the outside which it definitely isn't. No one sees all the business side of things you have to deal with when you have a business. And also the hours put into managing, selecting and editing images shouldn't be underestimated. I love it out in the field, I love "type-2 fun" and would never complain about my job. So for me the most challenging part is actually in the office... 


Do you have any advice about your lifestyle for people who would like to follow your path?

Today people see something on Instagram and want to take the same shot. At least if that shot got a lot of likes. That’s not how you get good photos. People have seen it anyway a thousand times. I would suggest to explore a bit. Look on a map or online and go somewhere where you know that the location has potential but you don’t know exactly what to expect. And practise a lot. There is no good photographer out there who became good just by looking on images. Go out and shoot! It’s the best way to learn. Try new things. Don’t copy your favorite instagrammer.


Which is the most inspiring thing you’ve found out while traveling?

It's always the same. Those who don't have much give you the most. That's the most inspiring thing to me.


Which music do you think that fits with your photography?

Boah, that's a hard one. Most of the time I rely on my friends for music... Maybe the soundtrack of "The secret life of Walter Mitty"? Haha!


What did you discover in your trip to Nepal?

A lot of nice people and beautiful mountains. It was also challenging for my body. But I know now that I'm fine on over 6000m above sea level. Let's say this was the start of more... 


How do you achieve your style in terms of camera and post processing?

That’s always the hardest question I think. Not sure if there is something like a permanent style. I think my photography is evolving. Most of the time I try to keep things out of my frame. A good photo doesn’t need much. Simple but with great light is what I’m looking for. I love light and draw with light. The best images imho are those which don’t need excessive postproduction to make look them good.


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