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Amy Lombard is a documentary photographer whose work largely examines the subcultures, phenomenons and personalities that make up American culture. Her bold and colorful work will catch your eyes. She collaborated with an amazing on a series of photographs featuring some brilliant fingertips. Nail artist, Natalie Pavloski, is represented by LMC, and her work has been featured everywhere from Oyster to InStyle. She has fashion clientele ranging from local New York based designers/fashion brands to Stella McCartney. Stitch contacted the talented artist and proudly serves you this not-so-corny, fresh fried, interview! 

What do the STITCH followers need to know about Amy Lombard?
"My name is Amy Lombard and I'm a photographer based in Brooklyn, though I spend a considerable amount of time on the road lately. I'm originally from the Philadelphia area, and I moved to New York in 2008 to attend the Fashion Institute of Technology studying photography. During school and after graduating, I worked as an editor at TIME where I focused primarily on social media and technology. I decided to leave my job almost two years ago, and I hustled until people started noticing me. I was fortunate to have a handful of people who really believed in my vision and how I saw the world. I've photographed everything from normcore, prostitutes, to nail art and fashion--my life is always interesting, to say the least. Nowadays my clients range from the New York Times, VICE and New York Magazine to companies like Barneys and Facebook, just to name a few."

What does documentary photography mean to you?
"Documentary photography means telling stories and showing the world things, experiences or specific individuals things that they don't see everyday--or at least showing seemingly common subjects in a fresh perspective."

What do you think are some clichés in documentary photography you steer away from yourself?
"Oh god, definitely millennials going on road trips. I really could care less about your photos taken on your Contax T2 in South Dakota. Trust me, I will never do this to you guys. You don't see it as much now though, the people who were doing that have moved onto still life photography. Ha."

How important is it for you to ‘connect’ with your subjects to bring out their true self?
"It's extremely important--in fact, it's bigger than that, it's essential. On one level, it's so much about the experience for both the subject and myself. I want this to be enjoyable! (if the topic lends itself to that, obviously) It's easy for there to be a level of discomfort when you're placed in situations with strangers. I want my subject to feel comfortable so I can communicate the story in a way that is the most compelling. Most of the time I choose not to work with assistants because I feel like it gets in the way for this very reason."

Describe your photographic style? How did you develop your style?
"Upfront, detail oriented and bold. I think the way I shoot is just really an extension of myself on every level. When I was a child I was extremely shy and introverted, I would just observe people most of the time from afar. I'm still extremely observational, except now I have a camera in hand and I'm not that shy little girl. The closer I can get to something, the better."

What do you enjoy most and why?
"Working is an all-consuming aspect of my life and it's what I love--whether it's an editorial assignment or my personal project on meetups as part of VSCO's Artist Initiative. The things I do for work can be pretty intense, so when I'm not doing that I have to admit I'm pretty basic. I like spin class and watching bad TV with my best friend Danielle and our pomeranian Sasha."

What is your greatest weakness?
"Ha, being obsessed with work! It's hard to have a personal life when you're living at the Bunny Ranch for a week or traveling to go to a Vape meetup down south. I wouldn't trade it for the world, though. I get to experience things most people would never get to see."

Photographer:   Amy Lombard   |   Website   |   Instagram   |   Tumblr
Nail Artist:   Natalie Pavloski   |   Instagram   |   Tumblr   |   Agent:   Company Q   | Instagram
















Photographer:   Amy Lombard   |   Website   |   Instagram   |   Tumblr
Nail Artist:   Natalie Pavloski   |   Instagram   |   Tumblr   |   Agent:   Company Q   | Instagram