My Camera My Rules - Nicoline Aagesen

«My friend told me I was delusional.
I almost fell off my unicorn!»

Starting her career as a model in Denmark, Nicoline Aagesen quickly discovered an appreciation for the creative value found in the smaller aspects of everyday life. Inspired by the work of controversial photographers such as Tony Kelly and Terry Richardson, Nicoline has since harnessed and infused their influence into her own take on modern photography, launching ‘My Camera My Rules’.


What do you want to express via My Camera My Rules?

I always aim to make people feel something. I want to bring them out of their comfort zone because that's where the magic in life always happens.


Why do you think you get inspired by these erotic candid moments?

It’s the power of now, it’s the connection between me and my models, it’s that moment you are never gonna forget, and with a photo you have that opportunity... keeping the memories alive.


Which is the main difference between doing your work at Denmark and at Hong Kong?

Hong Kong is where I've made my home for the past six years. When I first arrived I was still playing around with the idea of photography. I knew it was what I wanted to do, but it was all just beginning. As I established myself in Hong Kong I began shooting my friends. My work as a photographer was born in Hong Kong. It is still quite a reserved mentality there but being Danish, I am very open about sexuality. I want to open people's minds and provoke them.


As an ex-model, how was your experience going from one side of the camera lenses to the other?

I absolutely love it… Makes me feel more like a boss lady, and I love getting my vision to come alive.


With both views of this world, how do you make people comfortable in front of your camera?

Honestly it happens very organically. I always try to entertain my models so they quickly loosen up and feel comfortable, but also, most the models I shoot are friends, so they know exactly what they are getting themselves into.


You are inspired by craziness in the best ways; we would love to know the craziest story you’ve lived while in a photoshoot!

Ha ha ha… I promised my agent to behave, so I will have to keep that one a secret ;)


Could you make a short playlist of background music you would add to your project?


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