Mozart - Khoa Bui

«I was actually on a hallucinogen, and wanted to test out the effect of the visuals. While blasting Mozart in background.

Though I think the model probably did not like the fact that I was playing classical music the entire time, but she was cool enough to come back and shoot with me the second time. I played rock this time, and brought her coconut water.»


How do you choose your models? Which are the characteristics they must have?

It usually depends on the subject matter that I'm shooting, typically catering to my regular genres of work between body/nudes or nowadays as I'm trying to shoot more fashion. But it comes down to their versatility on appearance and looks. Second, their ability to emote and pose (as I am more of theatrical photographer and very much into the poses and iconic shots). Third, I look for models with good vibes, good personality, but most importantly the models that actually likes the concept I proposed. I usually prefer to shoot with models that appreciate a good photo, rather than the alternatives...


How do you work with them to achieve these powerful results?

Darn, I wish I knew. LOL jk...  I just be myself really, vibe with who they are and look for the genuine person in them. I do tend to be a jokester a lot, crack a lot of bad jokes, and make cheesy compliments. No better way to break the ice! 


How do you achieve your style in terms of camera and post processing?

A lot of mistakes and bad decisions... But realize it's bad, then change it for the better.


You have a successful Instagram account @its_kook, do you have any advice to conquer this platform?

If you think so, lol! You should've seen my last one... But if you wanna be successful on IG, post a lot of nudes.


What does inspire you in a photoshoot?

Everything about the photoshoot makes me excited. From visualizing, brainstorming, and prepping for the shoot. Directing and interacting with everyone on set, shooting and planning the shots. Even the catastrophe on set makes me smile, as I always tell people "something always goes wrong". To the retouching and editing. I just don't like the submitting to magazine part.


Photographer: Khoa Bui  |  Website  |  Instagram

Model: Alberte Valentine  |  TWO Management LA

Make-up and Hair: Ermahn Ospina  |  Tracey Mattingly Agency