Mothers Little Helper - Angelika Buettner

Angelica knows how to capture what the eyes behold. It’s a gift many have to master but she just plays around with depth, color, and structure the way Mozart plays the piano. Born and raised in Germany, where Angelika started her professional career, she shortly thereafter moved to Paris.

“I left Germany to be able to work on an international level in Paris and to challenge myself to move forward.”

Angelika is known for her love of artistic atmosphere and is capable of a broad range of styles, moods, and subjects, but never fails to infuse each photograph with a certain dramatic 'je ne sais qoui'.

Angelika likes to approach to strong feminine, sensual photography and sensitive lighting with such an elegance and delicate profundity that it will always leave the viewer eager for more.

Her work demonstrates cinematography within still images which attracted a lot of big names that wanted to collab with her, including Audi, Bacardi, Douglas, Frey Wille, L'Oreal, Maybelline, Swarovski, Wolford, and others. Her work has been featured in numerous magazines such as Eyemazing, Glint, Madame, Neo2, Palace Costes, Plaza, Twill, Vogue Sposa, West East and many more.



What did you want to represent with this series?

This story has been shot several years ago in Paris, and for me, this production became a CULT/KULT timeless series. We were flying high that day, everything was perfect, the team went beyond, the location and set design were amazing and inspiring, styling was gorgeous and hair and makeup so creative, underlining and giving the edge. Our model Annika turned into an actor and played her role with Bravura and - the desperate housewife of a suburban (French!) area and “mothers little helper" was born. In the meantime, this series is available as a limited print edition. Please check back if interested. This story had been published in several magazines in several European countries.



So, you’re originally from Germany but then decided to move to France and now living in New York ...

Yes, yes, yes! Those were the big steps in my life. I left Germany to be able to work on an international level in Paris and to challenge myself to move forward. In Paris, I met my husband who was a photographer at that time too. For many years we have been working around the world. My main categories have always been beauty - fashion - lingerie - advertising, etc ... as well as art projects as personal projects. My momentary passion and obsession are art-nudes and I am working on a big book project, a visual testament to women empowerment, femininity and strength. A few years ago, we moved to NYC to complete the circle.



... What do you miss the most about your country? What do you like the most about France? And what about the lifestyle as a photographer in New York?

In my heart, I will always be European with a mix culture influence. My German roots are still strong, the French lifestyle is very much appreciated. The culture, the food, the appreciation of beauty. When I did spend time in Germany I always felt French, when I was in France I could feel my German nature. Living in America has like every country good and bad sides. What I like the most is the flexibility of people for change. Very impressive! People reinvent themselves constantly which is certainly not so much the case in Germany. We are surrounded by a multi-cultural crowd. Working in NYC has a different vibe than working in Paris, everything is super organized, very professional, no time to lose. NYC is on SPEED! ;-) It’s hard to say and categorize. I try to avoid putting people or countries in boxes. All depends on your own personality and the people who surround you. Everybody can find his best circle.

How do you choose your models and what’s a must-have every model should have?

I choose with my guts and my heart, looking for what the models are expressing, impersonating. Very often, going through a casting board, it is the first BLINK. I love models who have the ambition to act, I love models with character, I love models who can play roles, I love models who do not always look the same, like a chameleon, I like models who show their soul and go beyond modelling, I love truth and authenticity and I can’t stand a fake attitude. I love ethnic mixes, I love unique faces.


Chuck Norris




Which gear, talking about camera and post-processing, do you usually use for your shoots?

I am not very technical. I use CANON EOS Mark II, I shoot tethered on Capture ONE. The gear is important as a base, but when people ask me why and which camera to use I always say, it’s not the lens but the eye who creates an image. I work with the same post producers in Paris and in Germany for many years. It is like a marriage, they know what I want and like and we have a creative exchange.


Analog or digital?

Digital now. I had a difficult time leaving my beloved Pentax 6x7 and medium format film. No regrets in the meantime. Loving the freedom digital gives me while shooting. In post-production recreating the analog world and variety of film processing.



Which was the first magazine you had to shoot for?

Wowwww, that’s been a while. I think it was for STERN magazine in Germany. I shot a bunch of covers for them.


Would you say your particular style is a representation of yourself? And how?

Yes !!! It’s feminine, sensual, positive, profound. It’s heartfelt, it’s soul felt, it’s a part of me, an intuitive process.

Which is for you the best part about being a photographer?

It’s a challenge every time, every production is different, I meet wonderful people, I can choose to work with amazing people in the industry. It is a creative teamwork outgrowing oneself, knowing to lead a team to create a common result.



PHOTOGRAPHER - Angelika Buettner I Website I Facebook I Twitter I Instagram

STYLING - Azadeh Zoraghi I WebsiteInstagram

HAIR - Olivier Henry I Website I Instagram

MAKEUP - Fumihiro Ban I Instagram

MODEL - Annika

DIGI TECH - Martin Konrad

ASSISTANT - Julia Merkel

POST-PRODUCTION - Benedikte Meslin