Message - Andoni Beristain

Andoni Beristain is a photographer and a Creative-Art Director. His shirts are famous, he thinks in the shower, he dislikes heat, he's thorough, symetrical, colourful and even though he uses humour, he works very seriously. He also likes irony. He's Basque, lives in Barcelona and he knows how to do stuff properly.

Andoni plays with color and composition, and with clients such as Apple, Armani or Diesel, he always stand out for his clean vibrant jazzy captions. 


Your portfolio is amazingly colorful and beautifully inspiring, what do you want to tell or make people feel with it?

With my work I mostly want to have fun, and if I could transmit a bit of positivism with it… I would be delighted. I think not everything is white or black, never better said.


How do you achieve these colors and look? What gear do you use and how is your workflow?

Usually I photograph everyday objects or materials, things you can find at the shop under your house, I look at them, a lot, and I think if they are gonna work fine or not in the picture, it’s like building the set in my head and I just go with it. I also like to portray “normal” people with bizarre poses or elements. Then I use Photoshop, a little bit of magic, and I publish them.


The collections from your portfolio are stunningly particular new ways to see objects, where do you find your inspiration?

Inspiration comes to me when I least expect it, mostly taking a shower or when I’m walking down the street listening to music at maximum volume (I'm getting deaf) and I think I’m Naomi Campbell. I walk looking at everything, buildings, people, the sky… and sometimes I find inspiration. I’m also on the internet all the time, and even in the most crappy web you could discover at Google, there you could find inspiration as well.


How did you start in photography and why? How do you mix it with your career as a Creative Director?

I started by chance, studying graphic design I discovered I was good at photography and went with it, it was my aim and I wouldn’t stop taking pictures. Little by little things turned out bigger and I ended up working with companies and with my own photo studio and art directing. The path continues... we will see where it leads me.


Do you have any advice for beginners in professional photography?

Do whatever you feel like doing, fight for it working hard and don’t let yourself be driven by stupidities.


From your work, which is your favorite picture and why? And from other’s work?

From the older ones I would choose the one with the washing up glove, as with that one I started to define my style. The orchid inside the water pot is also one of my favorites, it’s so recent and it has a lot of meaning. And from others’ work… I would choose any of the pictures by Chema Madoz, or the one with the twister by Andrew B Myers.


Tell us more about your project La Monda Magazine, what is it? How and why did you start it?

It’s a personal project. I’ve always wanted to work in a magazine, and as a Basque person I decided to create my own one. So with that purpose I contacted my friend Ane (journalist) and together we did it. We are working with it for 5 years now, it’s really an adventure and it’s been so useful to meet and collaborate with incredibly talented people.


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