Little Wing - Janice Quijano

Janice Quijano graduated at art school in 'digital audio and video' but eventually stumbled into the fashion and beauty industry for several years as a hair/make-up artist and wardrobe stylist. It was a great opportunity for her to work with a lot of amazing photographers and creative directors. However, spending a large amount of time on set and being more involved in the development of productions, she always felt the urge to add some kind of finishing touch.

So, ... with all the creativity bursting out of her mind, she took her fairy stick, tapped on her own 'Nikon' camera with it, giving her the most dazzling pictures you could ever visualize.

« I wanted more and I became a little bit more »  or how she took her destiny into her own hands.
How does photography influence your daily life? Do you think you pay more attention to detail in general?

Photography allows me to maintain sanity in a world so disruptive.  Its my window outside reality ... It keeps me happy, allows me to create my world of physical randomness, my sense of freedom and my own private Idaho. It influences my imagination. I would say the biggest influence is that it sustains my inner child. I'm not one to live with the camera by my side and I rarely talk about photography and some have even patronized me in regards to it, but its all about the manifesto of an idea however it may be expressed. I believe photography, at least the photography within my universe is about a personal growth it doesn't really effect my day to day or daily but it reveals to me who I am. I am a detail freak! But this may have come from having worked with amazing photographers in the fashion industry during my hay days as a wardrobe stylist and also as a hair & makeup artist. These photographers had a great production flow, just acknowledging their awareness for the presence of location, garments and subjects. I also studied by way of magazines for the european fashion and its culture. The images were as noisy as it could be. It was all so perfect, balanced and clean. That was the time I began to train my eye for detail. 


You have two websites. Janice Q. and Redlipz.assasin. What’s the main difference between the two photography styles?

Uber simple, Janice Quijano represents my commercial body of work so that I may book clients who fear edge. While Redlip. Assasssin allows me to just be without conforming to anyones else's desires but my own.


When did you start in photography and why?

Well ... it all began in 2007 when I was done working with photographers who consistently wanted creative ideas from me, who I have worked with but were very difficult to collaborate with and in essence had a lot of ego.  It was a close friend of mine who brought it to my attention to pick up the camera.  Around this time I was a 'wardrobe stylist/hair & makeup artist with the responsibility of a creative director' and it was that determination that finally got me to pick up the camera.  I always felt I wanted more, the last thing I anticipated was picking up the camera, but when I did, it was a mutual love and final destination. 


You think social media has a big influence nowadays to promote your work, name recognition, etc …? 

YES and at times it may do good as well as it does more evil. I believe the bigger market has forgotten the creative process it seems for the most part everyone wants a pie of popularity nowadays but popularity does not always come with originality ... and rather it may come fairly cheap, quite boring and repetitive. I've seen and know photos who deserve more likes and creditability but I have also seen those that are posers and receive a lot of claim to fame. I don't know what to think of social media, at times I battle with myself on its reality, but then on rare occasions I meet likeminded individuals which makes it worth while for me to stick around in the hamster wheel but I don't take it serious. It's too much work ... and I've got bills to pay and time that I rather spend to enjoy life. 


What would you consider a must-have in your models?

Personality ... personality and then some more personality. Having had the opportunity of working with a lot of models, communication is key to that moment between photographer, lens and model. I strive to find the Linda Evangelistas, the Naomi Campbells, the Cindy Crawfords. It happens on rare occasions but when I find them its magic and I keep them as my muses. It's hard to shoot a pretty face that doesn't move, feel or have any awareness to ground on which they stand upon ... I want an image to breathe life. 


Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

 I always struggle with this question ... Let's see, running game like Andy motherf*cking Warhol. 


What is your life motto?

No stress, f*ck that ... life can suck enough. Feeling alive for the presence and any burden, let go and live. 


PHOTOGRAPHER & MAKE-UP ARTIST: Janice Quijano a.k.a. Redlip.Assasin | Website | Instagram

MODEL: Madison | Instagram

WARDROBE STYLIST: Vivian Fernandez | Instagram