Le Jardin de la Fouarge - Sébastien Nunes

Sébastien Nunes is a commercial and editorial photographer, and he is also a visual story teller; he specially likes pictures that tell a story, those that don’t show everything, the ones that have their place in a series of pictures. This one bellow is a personal project about a brave young girl named Sarah who started cart horse farming in Liège by herself. Nunes followed her two days during winter to create her story, to tell her story.


«I discovered Le Jardin de la Fouarge on Facebook by accident and I was impressed by this young girl starting a new farming activity by cart horsing. Farming and agriculture have always been close to my heart because I grew up in a rural region. I've worked in the fields and I also know what it is to milk cows. I’m therefore deeply shocked to see that people who work hard to produce our food are struggling to survive. I feel there is a sort of disconnection between today's consumers and food. We go shopping in supermarkets where everything is available in overabundance - we don’t know where it comes from, who produces it and most of all, how much effort is put into the production of it.
In an advanced high tech world where everything goes super fast, I thought it was interesting to show people who go against the grain and take the time to do things well. That’s the reason why I went to meet Sarah and her horse Petula
I choose to process the images with a film look because I really like the grain and the colours of that style in general. I also thought it would fit the subject well. I always try to create a series of photos that tell a story rather than just a series of nice pictures.»


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