I'm everywhere - Céline Liu

Silin Liu (born in 1990), also known in the Western culture as Céline Liu, is a female Chinese photographer who graduated from the Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University. She baffled the world with her series “I’m everywhere” where she shamelessly poses next to iconic figures such as Marilyn Monroe, Andy Warhol and Princess Diana … with a little help of Photoshop of course. But nonetheless, the results are incredibly amazing!

First, she does her research on the internet looking for the most inspiring images before she edits herself into the pictures. To create these self-portraits, she just grabs her iPhone using a self-timer or one of her friends takes the shot. As for the clothing, she adjusts them to the topic of her picture by gathering pieces from her parent’s closet or buying stuff online.

Combining all this together she makes you question reality and its perspective. This fresh, young, talented photographic magician is one to watch and we do hope to see more of her work in the near future. Or the past? Who might say?

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Where did you get the inspiration from?

From my family. I like my families’ old photos when they were young so I Photoshop myself to interpose those photos. Afterwards, Celine Liu series used the same strategy to develop this kind of images.


Would you say you have a big interest in history or was it just something that was fun doing?

I'm interested in pop culture, and I'm more interested in the image itself, so the pictures of these celebrities are especially attractive to me. I collected the historical photos of celebrities on the internet, then I forcibly intervene in the original photo in which myself is the character of “Celine Liu”. The photos carrying its fate is no longer presented in a specific way, it is made to be equally viewed, disseminated and used by means of the internet, to restore and reappear to a certain extent --- the epitome of the image’s destiny in the current image consumerism era. Now, "Celine Liu" is a new sign made by manufacturing, distribution, and copying.



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Your Photoshop skills are extraordinary. How did you get so good at it? Have you any tips for beginners?

Actually, I just use few tools in Photoshop, and those are very basic. For my photos, shooting is more critical than the photoshopping, especially the use of light. If the light cannot be used accurately, Photoshop is not helpful at all.


Who are the most iconic people you look up to and why?

Beauvoir and Frida Kahlo. Although they are not the most celebrated as the other icons who I choose, I can’t ignore the influence that they give to me. In addition, I love them more after I make their photos.


How did you get into photography?

I start to paint when I was a child, but I always wanted to become a superstar. I can’t help to imagine some dramatic scene every day so I majored in photography at the fine art college. When I started this series, I just enjoy the process. I imagine, I direct, I play, I photograph, ... I prepare everything. I control all the details.


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Tell us a little secret about yourself!

I'm doing a relic repair work for a museum.


Which was your most favorite picture of the series and why?

I really don’t know … but the first one of this series is special for me. Maybe western don’t really know about the character. She is Soong Mei-ling. Soong is Chiang Kai-shek’s wife. She is a sign which represents a new woman in old China. She symbolizes brilliant, elegance and rich in my memory.



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PHOTOGRAPHER: Céline Liu I Instagram