Green, Green Grass Of Home - Kurt Wolf

« Do you know the feeling when you wake up in the morning and for weeks finally the sun is visible through the blinds? Do you know these days when all you do is accompanied by beautiful music in your head? The days when it seems that nothing could go wrong. Yeah, it was one of these days. Well-known places seem to be more beautiful in the spring-sun, songs that you've heard a thousand times sounded like you would hear them for the first time and all the while, the moments seem to go by in slow motion. We started this little journey very impulsively, had so much fun and at the end that we had some really great pictures. I am very happy to be able to share this day with you in the form of pictures. »



Spring is in the air … or almost! But that doesn’t stop Kurt Wolf from bringing the sunny vibes to us. Cruising around in his super old Audi 80 from 1989, he’s presenting us these rad shots taken during a spontaneous road trip together with a good friend. Kurt Wolf is the kind of person whose enthusiasm is as catchy as a ‘Taylor Swift-song’ and that’s what makes his connection with his models so unique. He makes you laugh and is not afraid to act silly behind the camera so that it makes you feel more comfortable and relaxed in front of the camera giving this natural flow. The key-point collaborating with someone like Kurt is that he likes the involvement of his models in the shoot as much as his. He thinks the influence and the ideas of the models are as accurate as the visual aspect of the photographer and that’s what makes him one of a kind!


Chuck NorrisHow do you make your models feel comfortable in front of your lens?

Well, I think it's a combination of many things. First of all, and in my opinion, the most important one is that I always tell them that I don't want to make just a photoshoot. They shouldn't feel like something in front of a camera that needs to look good. I used to say, "Hey girl, it's not a shooting. Let us call it a fun day and someone is taking pictures of all the great moments." I think as a photographer you should do more crazy stuff behind the camera than the models in front of it, so they don't feel too shy to try something different. At least I'm kidding a lot and make them laugh all the time. I would say every photographer has his own way to make the models feel comfortable and some are working better than others, but hey, I found my way and that’s pretty cool.


You decided to make a little trip with a friend of yours. How did you meet? Do you think it’s easier to shoot someone you know rather than someone you don’t know or vice versa?

Yeah, I do not remember exactly how we got to know each other, but this was the first sunny day in 2018 and I felt the urge to use this day. So, I asked her if she had time for a little road trip and she came over while I was checking some things at the car. You need to know, this car has already driven 400,000 km, so about 250000 miles. I cannot say that it is easier to photograph someone you know or vice versa but I would say it's because I communicate with new models a lot to get to know them better. Of course, the sympathy must be correct so that the pictures can work in the end. That's the only thing that can happen with unknown persons.


How did you get into photography and what’s your advice you’d give to beginning photographers?

I need to say, I like this question. And I love to give an answer to this question. I started about 15 months ago. I had this lovely woman in my life, a well-experienced model and she told me to take some pictures of her for her Instagram. So, I took her camera, turned the automatic mode on and started to take photos. Well, I was very lucky about her experience so I was able to set my focus on the technology of the camera and damn, she was the source of my inspiration. Within a week I was so familiar with the manual mode that I was ready for the right editing and I spent some money on the needed software. Yeah, now, the past 3 months I'm mostly into the analog photography. I like it. It's true, you know? My advice to every new photographer out there, that’s funny, sometimes I still feel like a beginner ... but I would tell them to use every free moment for the photography, always carry your camera with you and don’t get mad at times in which you don't like your own photos. Do not start to doubt because somehow photos don't look like as good as the ones from other photographers, don't try to copy something, there will be a day you'll find your own style and everything will work well.


What motivates you to continue taking pictures? And what is the single best quality a photographer must have?

The biggest motivation is definitely all the great feedback and messages I receive from people as well to see that my skills get better with each photo shoot. The single best quality a photographer must have ... this question has made me sleepless. Thought a lot about it, but sure, it's patience.


Is there any photographer or artist that you admire or inspires your work?

For sure, many photographers out there in the world inspire my work or have such a great own style that you need to love them. My personal biggest inspiration is a Hamburg based photographer Ben Bernschneider. He is a really excellent analog photographer and his pictures always have this 80's American summer look. You know, knee socks, Adidas shorts, American cars, palm trees and all these typical American things. Watching his pictures feels like listening to an 80's pop song.



Chuck Norris


How does photography influence your daily life? Do you think you pay more attention to detail in general?

Yes, of course, you always keep your eyes open to spot some nice places or locations. I discover so many beautiful details I never saw before because I no longer just look at the path in front of me, my eyes try to be everywhere around me. One goes much more attentively through life because you won't miss any moments for the "perfect" picture.


What’s your motto in life?

At the end of the day, your feet should be dirty, your hair messy and your eyes sparkling! ;)



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