Gasoleo - Zé Pedro Alvarez

She’s the kind when you cross her on the streets, your heart instantly skips a beat. With her charm and good looks, you can’t help but staring at her. She just has it all. Especially in combination with a cool hot chick, that Land Rover Defender is quite a piece of work, right? 

“It was a moment of improvisation that occurred during some unexpected weather changes. An old gas pump, bought for the pleasure of having it lying around and an unreal and surreal beautiful place located near a not so beautiful place. If you add the stunning Inês Mata and a Land Rover to that – customized like only Cool & Vintage does – this is the result you get in merely half an hour. That’s the beauty of photography, with simple ingredients and the correct light you don’t need to over-plan or get things too complicated. Keep it simple!”

The Portugal-based photographer Zé Pedro Alvarez totally nailed it with this one.



What’s your connection with Cool & Vintage?

I'm collaborating with Cool & Vintage on a regular basis. #coolestjobever


How did photography become a part of your life?

Ever since I can remember. But it all started when I was a little kid with my father's Pentax Spotmatic II, his black and white home lab and the simple yet unforgettable joy of "Sunday afternoons slides projections"-sessions. The Spotmatic II is still working like a Swiss watch and is one of my favorite cameras.



What is one of your favorite places to photograph? And why?

That's a tough one ... So many places at so many different times of the day and the year. Nevertheless, I would say I'm absolutely in love with Portugal, the sea and any place where I can find some special light.


What are some simple tips for taking a great travel photo?

You have to feel it. For me it's simple as that. As for travel photography or anything else.



What are your thoughts about GoPro cameras and similar cameras?

There are so many possibilities these days. I sure am not the kind of guy to tell you analog, or digital, or full frame, or aps-c, or whatever is the best medium to photograph ... I already shot with almost everything you can imagine if you're talking about small budgets pieces of equipment and I did have satisfying results with almost anything. Right now I'm working with a Nikon D700 and I love it. And we are talking about a camera launched to the market in 2008, so I sure am not the best guy to talk about the latest cameras or lens, I simply do not have the budget for them. To answer your question, I never had a Gopro or something similar but I'm sure I will spend great times with it and the sea whenever I get my hands on one. If it ever happens ...



What were the difficulties you encountered first starting photography?

When I first started photography? I wish. Many of them are the same ones I still encounter these days. Nevertheless and because photography as a way of living was a late and very conscientious choice in life, I never really cared much about it. This, photography, is what I want to do and what I will keep doing. No matter what, this is what I must, will and have to do.


What other photographers you like to follow—and what about their work do you love?

So many ones and for so different reasons. As long as I feel it's a serious and authentic work I will follow them. Even if it's not something I want to do or am interested in. As a matter of fact, I'll probably follow with more interest the photographic work of people doing things completely differently from want I want to do. Don't ask me why.




Photographer: Zé Pedro Alvarez | Website | Tumblr | Instagram
Model: Inês Mata | Instagram
Brand: Cool & Vintage | Website | Facebook | Instagram