F*ck Your Standards - Martin Stamenkovic

Young and reckless with a rebellious heart for photography, this is how you could describe Martin Stamenkovic the best. He doesn’t avoid any taboo and likes to provoke through his pictures and guess what, he has done it again! With his new project “F*ck Your Standards” he’s trying to persuade everyone that:

❝ You don’t need to lower your expectations to fit into the world. You were born to stand out ❞

Hence, here at Stitch we’re very excited to publish the work of this youngster because it’s a name you’ll definitely hear  if not even scream  in the future. With the confidence he already has, there’s no doubt about it: this kid is going places!



You are a very young talented photographer with an extravagant point of view. How did you develop this unique style? 

My style was born with the idea to help others with their problems. I combine the human soul of the 21st century with nature, which we are part of. I really want to help people understand that we are all special in a different way.


How did photography become a part of your life? Who are the photographers you look up to?

I don’t have an idol in the world of photography because I think my work will be like theirs in some kind of way. But photography in my life means everything



Your project “F*ck Your Standards” is based on the pressure society gives young adults these days. Why do you think this has become a problem?

Every day I look at problems in humanity and try to fix it. All standards around me, you need to be this or that, or you need to be skinny, or you are not good enough, or you are too fat to be a model, and many other stuff make me terrified and depressed ... I always said ‘F*ck your standards. we are born this way!’
Today humanity made standards for everything and all these standards destroy people ... Trends are making everyone look exactly the same because if you don’t look like that, you are not good enough. That’s the reason why we all run away from ourselves in order to live and love in our kind of way.



You try to inspire other people through your pictures but what’s your inspiration in life?

I find inspiration in everyday things but I show invisible sides of them through nature and human form. My inspiration are my memories and my experience in life. That was very hard for me but all these things made me who I am today.


Do you think teenagers have it harder now with the up rise of social media and the tension to always look perfect? 

Young people today don’t know how to love themselves. Life is much more than following media and television stars. My whole idea in photography hasn’t changed from the very beginning. My purpose is to give help, spreading love and of course making art.



Which matters most, ambition or talent? And why?

Ambition and talent are equally important because without talent you are limited with ideas but without ambition your talent means nothing.


You’ve participated at the International Photo Contest 2016 in Luxembourg and won. How did that make you feel?

That golden medal in Luxembourg helped me realize what I can. That I'm a strong person and that I can do everything what I want. And it's also some kind of recognition.



PHOTOGRAPHER: Martin Stamenkovic | Facebook | Instagram