Escape - Mikkel Kristensen

Born in Hong Kong to Danish parents, Mikkel Kristensen is a Copenhagen based snapshot photographer with a keen eye for capturing the essence of the environments in which he moves.

Mikkel began taking photos of the colourful guests at the underground 'POP' parties he hosted with friend, designer Kasper Henriksen in the late 00's. Through his work as POP's marketing & art director, Mikkel found new purpose with his fascination for analogue film, snapshot aesthetics & beautiful creatures and started photographing friends and models in hotel rooms around the world.

For this ocassion, we can take an old Citroën 2CV named Joe and go with him and Andrea Smidt around the spectacular landscape of Ibiza enjoying the sun. With his work - through the lenses of a couple of film cameras and a Super8 video recorder - and her natural moves we can feel the fresh vibe of the island and its contagious mood of freedom.


“That’s all she ever thinks about, riding the wind. When I’m sad she comes to me with a thousand smiles she gives to me free. It’s alright, she says, it’s alright. Take anything you want from me, anything. Fly on, little wing.”

– Jimmy Hendrix · Little Wing

Story shot for C-Heads

Photographer: Mikkel Kristensen  |  Website  |  Instagram  |  Tumblr

Model: Andrea Smidt  |  Instagram  |  Unique Models Copenhagen

Swimsuit: POPcph  |  Shirt: Cirkus Vintage