(Don't) - Röra Blue

We met the curious young artist Röra Blue while she was examining the relathionship between love and color with The Unsent Project, and discovered her new path with her series Handle With Care, about sexist comments on women. This time with (Don't) she keeps exploring gender roles and sexism but now on men. Four images that complement her previous work in a talk about society. 

«(Don't) is a series of comments that force gender roles on men. Like Handle With Care, the comments are things people have heard and were submitted through social media. Removing the word "don't" from each sentence changes the meaning of the phrase.»

We wondered how she thinks her work has changed from The Unsent Project until now:

«A lot has changed since I began creating art in 2015. I've become more sure in my voice as an artist and color has come to define my work. I have also started exploring a wider variety of subject matter including health and feminism. The Unsent Project is still a part of my every day focus. I've answered my original question for the project "What color do people see love in?". The color blue has more submissions than ten other colors combined. However, this answer has only left me with more questions. Why do people see love in the color blue? Do people see love in colors around the world? I am excited to seek out the answers to these questions through the Unsent Project and create new bodies of work in the months to come.»

Willing to see what's next!


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