Ditology - Dito Von Tease

The precision and detail you can find in his creations are even more accurate than a heart surgery. Thumbs up, if not both hands, for this amazing artist called Dito Von Tease. And a little tease he is because ever since, he has been hiding his real identity behind this freaking awesome-looking avatar of his thumb so we can’t blame him. However, we did find out he’s living in Bologna, Italy that is, and has a weakness for spaghetti. You can’t fool Stitch! #wecallitstitch



Where did you get the idea from?

I started the Digitoly-project in 2009 when I decided to create my account on Facebook. I wanted this to become a virtual space to be free of oppressive relatives, colleagues, and not-very-friends, so I decided to create an avatar. In Italian, someone could say “nascondermi dietro un ditto” which means “to hide yourself behind your finger”. It’s a metaphor to indicate a not-very-effective hiding place! My desire to hide myself from real life made me think about people’s identity and mine. So I used the image of a finger to suggest that we all try to hide ourselves behind an image of us that we create.



Which avatar are you most proud of?

I love them all. Every portrait is a small and detailed handcraft. Also, it takes up to 8-16 hours of work.



Your name is derived from Dita von Teese. What’s your connection with her?

I’m known as ‘il Dito”, that’s Italian for “the finger”. My complete nickname is  Dito Von Tease. It’s inspired by Dita Von Teese, the famous icon of “burlesque” style … as well an expert in disguise! Her second name “Teese” becomes for me “Tease” to give the idea of an appetizer: a funny invitation to people to be curious about the complex mystery of personal identities. That’s the reason why I’m specifically using an index finger. To indicate and questioning your reflection of your own identity.


Some characters are very funny. Is having a lot of imagination the key to success?

No, I think what’s important is the idea. Ideas make your project different, intelligent, emotional, stimulant. Ideas are the soul of projects. Projects without an idea are just fashion.



They say Italians are charming. Do you think it has something to do with tradition?

That’s an old cliché. Actually, Italians around the world are more than lovers and Mafiosi. For example, it’s full of scientists, engineers, artists, designers, chefs, and teachers. They migrate because Italian economy was destroyed by politicians of the right and the left parties and they cannot find a serious and professional work here. So today, if you want to talk about the ‘Italian charm’, it’s for their intelligence and capacity and not for an old stereotype.



If you had to choose with your life depending on it, spaghetti or pizza?

I’m sorry for the pizza (the real Italian pizzas you can only get in Naples by the way) but I choose spaghetti.



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