Danger.Power.Energy.Extreme - Mariana Caldas

Meet lovely Brazilian photographer Mariana Caldas and her amazing muse, Hanna Saboia, in this rad shoot in the Brazilian Coney Island Park!

Journalist, photographer and author of the project "Poeme-se". She lives in São Paulo, is 24 years old and has a lot of love in her heart. This is how Mariana Caldas describes herself. Do you already love her? We do!

“Hanna is unforgettable. The second you meet her eyes there's no way back. You'll never forget that look. I wanted to photograph her so bad, so I called my soulmate of photographic adventures, Adriana Moreno, and we went to Holambra, a little town near São Paulo, that is known to be the major flower producer of the country. We went on the road looking to catch some fields and flowers, but when we got there we discovered that we needed a guide to go to the country zone. The next tour was going to leave in a couple of hours, so we decided to walk around and see if we could find some places while we were waiting. Surprisingly the Brazilian Coney Island Park was situated in the middle of a little square. We parked our car and I just couldn't believe it. Suddenly we've got the perfect location and one second later, Hanna took out of her bag the perfect swimsuit... for that perfect location, with the perfect muse. I love the universe.”

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Assistant - Art Direction: Adriana Moreno   |   Model: Hanna Saboia