Chasing Dreams - Iwona Pinkowicz

Remember Iwona Pinkowicz and her 365 Street Portraits Project she developed in 2016? Check out our interview with her about it!

The self-taught photographer based in London specialises in visual storytelling and portrait photography, with the aim to produce atmospheric, emotive photographs that connect viewers to subjects. She's currently working on a street portraits photo book and documenting the regeneration of King’s Cross.

«I believe the key to conveying true emotion in a photograph is to get involved and become part of the scene. I have the confidence to get up close and personal with my subjects, enabling me to capture priceless moments filled with real emotion.»

Chasing Dreams is effectively a continuation of 365 Street Portraits but in a slightly different format. Whilst she loved the challenge of interacting with people on a daily basis, changes in her personal life about 12 months ago meant that it was no longer practical for her to take one street portrait a day.

«Chasing Dreams aims to explore the personality of my subjects further than 365 Streets Portraits did.»

The idea was sparked by one of her own dreams to publish a street portraits photo book. She explains this dream to her subjects and ask them to think about their own while she takes their portrait. They say your eyes are the window to your soul. Through Chasing Dreams she is aiming to capture that moment of contemplation, enabling the viewer to connect with and understand her subjects more than they might have done through 365 Street Portraits.

About her conclusion for 365 Street Portraits, she affirms working on it was a great way to build confidence and learn how to be both consistent and patient, meeting so many beautiful and interesting people along the way. She also found an incredible amount of inspiration in the people she met and developed ideas for some other great projects that she has in the pipeline.

«Most of all, 365 Street Portraits taught me that portraiture is something I find fascinating and want to learn more about.»

The aim of the project is to show that no matter who you are or what you do you should always have dreams and be unafraid to pursue them. She wants to show that through hard work, dedication and confidence, sostaining that dreams can come true no matter how silly, ambitious or unattainable they may seem.

Because, as she says, we all have dreams that range in size, scope and sillines.


Photographer: Iwona Pinkowicz  |  Website  |  Instagram  |  Twitter


Vinciento: "My dream is to find a wife"

Ibrahim: "My dream is to create shop windows and special installations"

Lucie: "My dream is to travel all around the world, see all the things that the world can give me"

Moss: "My dream is to live my life as a complete dream, not to wake up thinking what happens at the end because I know my time is limited"

Tayce: "My dream is to break the mould. I like to push boundaries and make the unexpected happen, especially in the modelling world, where I have been told I'm too skinny and to bulk up. But this is me, it's the body I was born with and I wouldn't change it for anyone's validation" 

Ning: "My dream is to be a freelance graphic designer" 

Natty: "My dream is to be successful in arts and to travel the world and find contentment" 

Eva: "My dream is to live in London one day" 

Maria: "My dream is to be a mum of three and live in Barcelona" 

George: "My dream is to be happy for the rest of my life"