An Alternate Reality - Super Mario Ninja Town

"About two years ago, I just thought making shit collages would be a good creative outlet, turns out it is." 

With the pseudonym Super Mario Ninja Town (@supermarioninjatown), someone is creating funny provocative collages  about an alternate reality to our world. This mysterious character has the power to spread creativity through the internet with its creations, bringing us some of them along with a chat from anonymity, so you can make an immersion into these imaginative journeys.

"I'm a trained graphic designer who loves to create a surreal story with my work. From the beginning, I looked to play around with pop culture images and create thought provoking pieces that didn't really make any sense at all."


What do you want to tell or make your viewers feel with your composed images? 

Sexy laid back vibes with a hint of controversy and usually dark themes. I try to make surreal images that spark joy, or controversy, or a deeper level of thinking about things that are going on in the world.


All the presence of @supermarioninjatown on the internet seem so mysterious, why?

I’m like Batman, but for collages. I work for a large print media company and I like to stay as anonymous as possible so my own personal identity doesn't detract from people's impressions and interpretations of the collages. I want people to view the images through their own eyes, without who I am distracting them. I try to keep in character with SMNT at all times, it gives the artwork more life and the audience some weird person to relate to.


What are you doing when you are not doing this collection of collages?

I love rock n' roll! But mostly doing other art projects or collages.


Where do you get your inspiration for these creations? 

From everywhere! Current events, pop culture, blogs, music, film, maybe just some weirdo on the train... The inspiration of imagery is endless once you open your eyes to manipulation of the pictures you see. I get a lot of fan mail and requests from models, sex workers and even puppies that want to be in my collages. At the moment there is no end.


How is your work flow after that?

Fast and Furious. If I’m working on something for more than ten minutes and it’s not making me laugh, it’s probably being over thought out, it needs to click straight away or I'll just move on to the next one. I'll always leave my mistakes in for added character.


What do you plan to do in your future as an artist and creator?

I’ve got my first exhibition in Long Beach, California later this month.


From your work, which is your favorite picture and why? 

Beach Mower (cover) or Meat Grinder (last image), they both capture the true spirit of what I'm trying to portray; outrageous, fun, a little sexy but mostly pretty backwards.


Photographer: Super Mario Ninja Town  |  Facebook  |  Instagram  |  Society6