1STREET - Manu Grinspan

Through a beautiful dance of colors, light and shadow; while surrendering himself in a flood of passion; ... that's how these captivating images come to life. Manu Grinspan is the type of guy when he’s doing something he’s doing it right! Judging by his latest work of art, we can only encourage him. What a visual delight!

« When people ask me what equipment I use – I tell them my eyes »

He gave a 1st glimpse of himself in Belgium, where he was born, but eventually lost his heart in Israel only to discover his interest in photography. Feeding his hunger for more, he started capturing the amazing landscapes & sights the country has to offer and quickly became the official photographer of Israeli’s Nature and Park Reserves in 2015.

Momentarily, he’s introducing his ravishing looking pictures to the world with his new project ‘1STREET’. A spectacle of rainbow glory that unfolds in pure magic!

❝ Imagine you can only choose one street of each city in the world. Just one. One that attracts you the most. One that stands out from the others. One with its most dramatic/cinematic stories. One where its visitors are in perfect harmony with its lights & shadows. For every city, I chose just one street. ❞


Do you think the work of a photographer is different if they’re based in Europe or USA than in the Middle East?

As a street photographer, I’m facing each time new challenges and opportunities to find the right “shot” in each city. Every city has its own atmosphere and energy. Some of the places like Tel Aviv are very crowded & dense, others like Paris are much airier with a lot of open spaces. This means that I always need to adapt my shooting techniques to the location. 


What a beautiful color palette you’re using in your pictures. It’s amazing. How do you develop your images?

Thank you! Color and lighting are one of the most important aspects of my photos. I’m always looking for interesting contrasts between light and shadow, and vibrating colors. Also, I try to avoid shooting with a tripod at night, as I want to capture the instant moment of people walking on the street. I put a lot of attention to the correct white balancing setting (usually, in the “cold” area) and my clarity is set between 15 to 45, depending on how much detail and definition is desired.



What was for you personally the most picturesque street in your project ‘1STREET’?

I always dream that the most picturesque street will be the next one I’ll discover. My work is driven by 100% passion for sights & new discoveries and I'm always looking for new stories, atmospheres and interesting lighting in my work. Therefore, I prefer to think that the most picturesque street is the one I didn’t discover yet.




Thanks to your job you have seen a lot of beautiful places but what’s the one thing you couldn’t live without while traveling?

Definitely, my Nikon camera. I cannot walk out on the streets without having my camera with me being too afraid that I’ll miss an important moment that I will never be able to reproduce again.


What inspired you the most during this project?

A lot of things … the magic of lightning, the mixture of colors, the stories of the people I shoot, … I like to have the human element in my frames, be it recognizable people, silhouettes or shadows. Photography is all about putting what you see and what you feel on the same axis. It’s all about seeing a street scene in a fraction of time and capturing that moment or being able to anticipate that moment before it happens.



Do you think creativity is something you have or you can develop? 

In order to be creative, you have to be passionate. Without passion, there is no creativity. Passion is something that you either have or not. Creativity, on the other hand, is always evolving with the time. When I look back at my work 10 years ago, I see a clear evolution of my creativity. 



Do you prefer digital or analog?

Today, I’m 100% digital. It’s part of my world and it gives me all the necessary tools to reproduce all the emotions I want in my photos.



What if … you hadn’t become a photographer, what would’ve you like to become?

Probably something else related to art, creativity, imagination. I discovered photography to express myself and share my emotions with others. If it wasn’t through photography, it would probably be through some other activities like music, drawing, …


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